Totality Productions

Totality Productions proudly presents:

Lon Chaney as “Blizzard” (from the 1920 silent movie “The Penalty”)

1:6 scale – professionally cast in high quality solid urethane resin

Sculpted by Chris Borowiec

“Blizzard” is available as either a 6 piece unbuilt model kit, or built and painted by the original sculptor.


$185.00 (US) + $15.00 USPS Priority Shipping (domestic US)

* For International Shipping fees, please email complete address for an accurate quote *

(Built and painted model kits are available further down the page)

There are currently 1 total kits remaining

Lon Chaney as "Blizzard"

Each model kit contains:

6 pieces: Right Hand (holding hat) + Crutch • Right Arm • Body • Left Arm • Left Hand + Crutch • and Head
* both crutches have a 1/16″ solid brass rod embedded in the resin for increased strength *

Also included is a detailed instruction sheet full of assembly and painting tips.

“Blizzard” is 8.5″ tall – from top of raised crutch, to floor.

* kit pictured above contains NO putty – pieces are cast to firmly lock into position, with minimal clean-up.

"Blizzard" model kit with instructions

“Blizzard” 6 piece unbuilt model kit with instructions.

"Blizzard" built and painted model kit

“Blizzard” built and painted model kit (by the original sculptor), mounted on a custom wooden base, with real gold watch fob chain.

$500.00 (US) USPS Priority Shipping (domestic US) is FREE!

* For International Shipping fees, please  email complete address for an accurate quote *

If you’re building and painting your own kit, this video presentation of the actual props used in the film could be very helpful in matching colors and textures:

Michael F. Blake, retired Hollywood makeup artist and esteemed Lon Chaney, Sr. author, presents the costume worn by the actor for his portrayal of “Blizzard” in the 1920 silent movie “The Penalty”.