Totality Productions
Website Design

There’s no better bang for your buck than advertising your company, organization, or self to the world 24/7, than your own website. We don’t use cookie cutter pre-made templates for our designs. Each site is 100% original, designed per clients needs and desires. We can secure your domain name, web hosting, and design the site for you. No two websites are alike. Some have lots of pictures, others share informational text, and some require a shopping cart. We want to put you on the map, get your site recognized, and have it not be forgotten. Updates and changes can be made at a moment’s notice. We specialize in creating a unique experience that drives local or world-wide interest to your website – effortlessly.

The latest trend in website construction uses what’s known as “responsive design”. A responsive website resizes the content based on what type of device the end user is viewing your site with. There’s a size for phones, another for tablets, and a third for those viewing on a laptop or desktop computer. The menus, images, and text adjust to fit the size of the device being used to create the best viewing experience. No more pinching and zooming to read the text on your phone! Totality Productions prides ourselves on helping you leave your mark with an affordable and professional looking website, that works.