Totality Productions
Client Testimonials

Here’s what a few clients have said about our work:

Chris: Great to hear from you. Since July I have had the opportunity to view more of the various court sessions and I continue to be more than pleased with the quality, editing and completeness. Keep in touch.

Judge Lance Ito
Los Angeles Superior Court

After being put through the mill by a previous web designer, a friend recommended Chris’ company.I knew after talking to him on the phone, that he was going to be the answer to my prayers. He took the time to really find out what I envisioned and what I wanted and made some great suggestions. I felt confident and comfortable giving him the reins.In no time at all, he gave me a fabulous website. So sleek, professional, and elegant. It conveyed everything I was trying to say and showcased my business in the best possible light.It was magic. Chris is so incredibly talented, and such a pleasure to work with, I would confidently recommend Totality Productions to anyone.

Chris Pickens
Sittin’ Pretty Pet Grooming

I get some pretty bizarre requests from people for the ideas they’d like to have implemented and printed on tee shirts. In those “scratch your head” moments, I turn to Chris. His originality and boundless imagination come to life with his marriage of beautiful artistic skill and knowledge of computer graphics to always deliver an end graphic that wows and impresses my clients. He’s my secret weapon!

Ben Rielly
Pointe Graphics

My background is 30 years of advertising, TV and entertainment. When I moved to Charlotte, NC, I met Chris Borowiec and have worked with him ever since.Chris is an accomplished graphic artist and video producer. When I put “The Invictas” (our Rock ‘n Roll band) back together he designed the web site and all our literature.He’s great to work with, meets deadlines and is focused on customer satisfaction. I’m proud to recommend him.

Herb Gross
Herb Gross TV and Entertainment

Woo Hoo! Thanks it looks Great! That was fast! I have been stressing over this for some time now. And BAM! You did it in no time. 

I am very proud of my son’s military service to protecting our freedom in this country. Getting his Hometown Hero Banner will honor his memory. I am humbled by the beautiful picture you created to put up on his banner. There are no words to express my sincere gratitude. Thank You

Wende Edwards
Waxhaw, NC

After meeting Chris and finding out that he did work retouching and refurbishing photos, I thought I would give my wife a wonderful Christmas gift. She had only a precious few photos of her late mother and sister and they were in really bad condition. Some were so so worn and creased that the actual picture was missing in several places. Others were so faded due to sunlight that they were no longer very good likenesses. I knew it would be a very special and moving gift for her if I could get these family treasures restored for her but I honestly thought they probably couldn’t be saved. I took them and left them with Chris to work on and he agreed that they would be some of the toughest photos to work with he had ever seen. In just a few days he called and asked me to drop by and see the finished work. It was simply remarkable! All the missing parts of the prints had been replaced and the clarity was unbelievable. We were able to see persons in the background that we hadn’t even known were there! Needless to say they made for a wonderful Christmas gift for my wife. I was able to give them to her at a family gathering and they were instantly the “hit” of the party. We had to have copies made for everyone! I don’t think you can ever put a price tag on such important family treasures. I’ll always be grateful for Chris’ help. He was so very personable and easy to work with and his skill simply cannot be beaten. The gentleman is simply a master at his craft!

Karl Wilkes
Matthews, NC

Working with Chris at Totality Productions has been a great experience for me. Not only is he patient, he is extremely knowledgeable and talented. Chris is passionate about the art he produces and the service he provides and that really shows in his desire to fully understand you as a client. During my consultation with him I truly felt as though I was simply talking to a long time friend who was just as excited about my ideas as I was. Totality Productions is a thorough and professional business minded company with a easy going attitude that will keep my business always.

John Dever
Kodiak Upfitters

Dear Chris,I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service provided by Totality Productions and how you have handled my company with such a personal touch.Your web design service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other companies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you have to deal with each day.Thanks again for making us look so professional.

Mary H. Crane, Ed.D.
BRANE Educational Consultants, Inc.

Just wanted to send a quick message saying I got the package yesterday. My husband was very excited. So far the discs are great. Thank you for packing it so nicely for shipping. This has been very easy and stress free for me. Really appreciate your professionalism. 

Kristy Horner
Edmonton, Alberta

Having Chris at Totality Productions do work for us on our literature and catalogs has been a great experience. His knowledge and expertise in graphic design has been a huge asset to have available. He always does great work and goes beyond what we ask of him. We could not expect a better turnaround time on his work either. We look forward to having Chris do more of our graphic design needs.

Peter Kowalczyk
Reimann & Georger Corp

Totality Productions photographed our wedding and we couldn’t have asked anyone to do a better job. Chris’ patience was cruical since our wedding party was “on edge” as we battled inclement weather. The pictures were amazing, and we were both very happy. Totality Productions retouched some of our photos, taking them from being a near worthless picture to the “Dream Shot”. Chris has also taken action sports photos of me playing ice hockey, and left me speechless on how well they came out. I plan on doing much more business with Totality Productions in the future.

Scott and Jennifer Packer
Rock Hill, SC

I am honestly overwhelmed with emotion right now. I can’t express how satisfying and exciting it is to be able to click a link and see before me all that I’ve dreamed the website should be over the past couple of years I have been involved in the organization. I am so grateful to you for sharing one of your many talents with us and making our vision become a reality! Our website now accurately represents the quality of our organization and is simple to navigate. The combination of your professionalism, talent, attention to detail and speed of delivery is a rare commodity these days. We are grateful for and highly recommend Totality Productions.

JoAnna Groundwater
Orchard Park, NY