Totality Productions
Services Offered

Totality Productions covers a wide range of artistic talents, providing you the convenience of one stop shopping for all your graphic design needs. Clients served have been just as diverse, including virtually every major motion picture studio, national franchises, small local businesses, as well as our friends and neighbors. Everything from complete advertising campaigns, to photo restorations of a damaged family treasure. Totality Productions does it all!

We pride ourselves with not only the quality of our work, but the speed in which we produce it.

Digital Photo Retouching

Our work can be seen anywhere from the pages of Playboy, to a gallon of Breyer’s ice cream. Everything from simple spot and dust removal, to total restorations. Not only do we have the ability to work with your own digital photography, we can also work with your treasured prints, negatives, and slides. We’ve scanned and retouched Civil War era glass plates. Have a great family photo, but don’t want the “ex” in it anymore? We’ve taken them out, too. Your ancestor’s photo from the Roaring 20’s is faded and torn, and you’d like an enlargement to frame? That’s exactly what we do.

Logo Design

You’ve got a kernal of an idea, you know exactly what you want, or you haven’t got a clue. We’re here to help. It’s funny how many amazing logo ideas start on a restaurant napkin. Refining the design, finding meaning, conveying expression; built with elegance and precision. Our logo designs are created to be commercial printer friendly (cmyk vector art), suitable for all types of promotional products, signage, or vehicle wraps. Alternate file formats are also provided for use on your web site, letterhead, or signiture files. Let us complete your wildest dream, or create something you’ve never imagined.


Everybody loves to take photographs, and we’re no exception. As trained graphic artists, we tend to see things a little differently. Expressing our vision in still images is a passion. One of our photographers loves shooting landscapes, architecture, inanimate objects; another prefers portraits, weddings, sports, and concerts. We aim to provide you with whatever your photographic needs are: Wedding, Portrait, Insurance, Macro (close-up), Decor, Event Photography – taken with artistic style.

Digital Video Editing

Have some old VHS, Hi8, 8mm tapes or digital video you’d like edited into a cohesive story, set to music, with professional transitions and titling? You need a copy (or a dozen) on DVD? Not a problem. We’ve been digitally editing video for over 15 years, and doing conventional (tape to tape) video editing even longer. Some of our favorite projects didn’t really involve video footage at all, until we were done. Video slideshows, utilizing dozens or hundreds of still photos, set in motion to a story-telling soundtrack can have as much impact and emotion as a live action video.

Painting & Illustration

There is nothing more satisfying than creating an original drawing, whether it be a caricature or photo-realistic rendering. Our illustrations have been used for family and holiday gifts, web sites, movie posters, wall hangings, tattoo designs, and t-shirts. Why use painfully repetitive clip-art, when your message can be conveyed with customized original artwork? Want a custom oil painting to hang on the living room wall, or painted directly on the back of your jean jacket? Digital or conventional illustration, we’ve got you covered. Oils, acrylics, pen and ink, airbrush, pixels, pencil…


Everything from A to Z. Promotional Products, Letterhead, Business Cards, Books, Catalogs, Brochures, Pocket Folders, Vinyl Signage, Newspaper and Phone Book Advertising, Labels, Stickers, Mailers, Door Hangers, and virtually anything else that comes out of a printer or plotter. All projects are created to printer specs, to ensure “what you see is what you get” results. When mass production is needed, we’ll provide you with all the files necessary to have your favorite printer do the job, or we can take care of all of that for you. You need 12,000 umbrellas with your company logo? What color? Done.

Website Design & Hosting

There’s no better bang for your buck than advertising your company, organization, or self to the world 24/7, than your own website. We don’t use cookie cutter pre-made templates for our designs. Each site is 100% original, designed per clients needs and desires. We can secure your domain name, web hosting, and design the site for you. No two websites are alike. Some have lots of pictures, others share informational text, and some require a shopping cart. We want to put you on the map, get your site recognized, and have it not be forgotten.


Creating something that works “in the round”, from any angle or perspective is one of the oldest and most gratifying forms of art. Some of our sculptures have been recreated as model kits, caricature plaques, hitch covers, custom Harley-Davidson mirror brackets, home decor, awards, statuettes, lamps, custom game pieces, landscaping lights, and low relief medallions. Whether you need a one of a kind piece, or you’re looking to have something mass produced in polished aluminum, let our talents go to work for you.

Other Services Include:

High Resolution Scanning (prints, film, and slides)

Promotional Advertising Products

Digital Documentation


Video Conversions

DVD Authoring & Duplications

Custom Home Decor

Sculture Repair