Totality Productions
Video Editing

Have some old VHS tapes, movie reels, or digital video you’d like edited into a cohesive story, set to music, with professional transitions and titling? You need a copy (or a dozen) on DVD? Not a problem. We’ve been digitally editing video for over 20 years, and doing conventional (tape to tape) video editing even longer. Some of our favorite projects didn’t really involve video footage at all, until we were done. Video slideshows, utilizing dozens or hundreds of still photos, set in motion to a story-telling soundtrack can have as much impact and emotion as live action video.

Totality Productions also makes custom promotional videos, digitally filmed in HD (High Definition), edited to client’s standards, using professional voice-over talent, and royalty-free music. Anything is possible.

Katie College Graduation Video 2020 (7:12)

Fob Watch Promotional Video (1:33)

Bob Halkidis Hockey Training Video (2:03)

Stan’s Birthday Video Slideshow (2:09)

As seen on TV…

“Terminator 2” Subway Television Commercial (0:30)

Breyers Ice Cream Television Commercial (0:30)

…and in the Movies

“Death Becomes Her” Movie Prop Clip (2:14)