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OJ Simpson Murder Trial

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“The Trial of the Century” OJ Simpson Murder Trial – Two hundred 4 hr. DVDs (over 800 hrs. of video) professionally edited, 100% commercial free.


$2,000.00 Domestic U.S. – Price INCLUDES USPS Priority shipping. International shipping is extra, please inquire about additional fees.

Two hundred professionally edited 4 hr. DVD’s, 100% commercial free – contains virtually every minute of testimony. Recorded from local L.A. television stations, live as the events unfolded. Coverage begins with reports of the murders, till weeks after the verdict – and beyond. This original collection was used by Daniel Petrocelli for preparation of the OJ Simpson Civil Trial.

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Portions of this collection have been used by:
• HBO • ESPN • PBS • University of Washington, Bothell • University of Southern California • Penn State • Judges • Lawyers • Authors • Teachers • Law Students • and fans of the trial the world over.

Here’s what just a few people have had to say about the collection:

“Chris: Great to hear from you. Since July I have had the opportunity to view more of the various court sessions and I continue to be more than pleased with the quality, editing and completeness. Keep in touch”.

Judge Lance Ito

“The DVD’s arrived today. I am very pleased with them – they each have great sound and a very clear picture. If I should need any more DVD’s like this in the future, I will certainly contact you. Thanks for this transaction – well done!”



“Your DVDs are great quality and I appreciate that you recorded the OJ murder trial on Channel 5 in L.A., because I watched the trial on that station. You are giving me a chance to relive the Trial of the Century through your DVDs.”



“WOW!! You are the best!”


Excerpt from the book “Winning at Trail” by D. Shane Read:


“One reason this book stands out from the others is the inclusion of DVDs, which help readers learn trial techniques in a meaningful way. I am extremely grateful to Jeff Wald at KTLA for permission to use video from the Simpson criminal trial.  I am also grateful to Chris Borowiec at Totality Productions for his magnificent skill, patience, and creativity in producing the DVDs, His professionalism is unsurpassed.

“For more information about the author or his book, go to

It took 2.5 years to convert all 800+ hrs. of the “OJ Simpson Murder Trial” to DVDs. The quality of the direct digital transfers is fantastic. I also went through my entire video library to find several original tapes (never before edited), including post-trial interviews, verdicts from the Civil Trial and coverage of Johnnie Cochran’s death – which have been added to the end of the collection. Each disc is individually titled and numbered, and will play on virtually any computer or DVD player made.

The 4 hour DVDs are $20.00 each, + $11.00 USPS Priority shipping (flat-rate fee, whether you order 1 or 10 discs). International shipping (outside US) is extra, depending on final destination. For every 5 discs ordered, the 6th is FREE. DVDs will generally be shipped within 24 hrs. of payment arrival. Please email me if interested in purchasing individual OJ Simpson Murder Trial DVDs.

The ENTIRE collection (200 four hour DVDs, over 800 hours of video) is also available in a very limited edition set, bound in its own leather carrying case. This includes:

• newscasts prior to OJ’s arrest
• the complete Preliminary Trial
• the complete Criminal Trial
• televised Civil Trial verdicts
• a ton of extra tidbits relating to the murders (Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, local LA newscasts, juror interviews and more)
• an audio CD of the “Slow Speed Bronco Chase” conversation between (then) Detective Lange and OJ
• a detailed description of each discs contents in searchable .pdf format
• the complete trial transcripts for
BOTH trials, also in searchable .pdf format.

This is the most complete collection of the trial anywhere on earth, portions of which have been used by HBO, ESPN, PBS, law schools, lawyers, authors, students, and fans of the trial the world over.

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the collection.